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Our vision

The Blessed Holy Family Catholic Academy Trust, united in love, service and faith, with Christ at our centre inspiring our pursuit of excellence.

Our Vision

To provide a seamless Catholic education from nursery to adulthood where all are enabled to grow and learn together in Christ.

To be united as a family of schools ensuring our ongoing success as centres of excellence for the formation of our young people today and for the future.

To be a thriving centre of excellence in Catholic education that is dynamic and outward looking enabling us to adhere to our core values as a Catholic community.

Our Mission

To be examples of LOVE across our Catholic family of schools.

       Learning and Living
that we provide a rich experience of learning helping all to grow and thrive, living life to the full as God has called us to do.

that we are open to new ideas and experiences confident in God’s love for us.

that we respond to our calling to create a climate where all are enabled to grow and flourish.

we collaborate to create a community where all are supported to develop their God given gifts and talents in their search for excellence.

Our Values


developing a deeper understanding of our Faith.


supporting the needs of others.


following Christ’s example of compassion to others.


recognising the intrinsic value of all.