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About Us

Introduction to our Trust

The creation of our Catholic Academy Trust has arisen from longstanding partnerships and a shared commitment to making a real difference to the communities we serve.  As a Catholic family of schools we are bound by our core principles of:


developing a deeper understanding of our Faith.


supporting the needs of others.


following Christ’s example of compassion to others.


recognising the intrinsic value of all.

The 1st May 2019 has seen this partnership enter a new phase with the opening of Blessed Holy Family Catholic Academy Trust.  We chose this name and logo as it encompasses all that we want for our Trust.  We are truly a family of schools inspired by the image of the Blessed Holy Family.  We take inspiration from our mother Mary and her selfless love, devotion and call to service; we model ourselves on the commitment to hard work to provide for those in need as exemplified by St Joseph, but we never forget the presence of Christ at the centre of all that we do in our shared calling to make a difference to all within our family of schools. As our logo depicts Christ is truly at the heart of all that we do.

Our Trust is made up of St George’s Catholic Primary School, St John Fisher Catholic Primary School, St Joseph’s Catholic Primary school and The Sacred Heart Language College.  Each school retains and brings its own identify to our partnership enriching the experience of all.  Each School is coming from a position of strength with academic excellence at its core. Please link to our Schools’ individual websites from our home page to find out more.

As a group of Schools we are actively involved in working with local partnerships, the broader Catholic community of Schools and the Diocese of Westminster to ensure that our young people continue to flourish and thrive.